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Art Young Insurance Agency began after extensive experience in developing benefit plans in the highly competitive Silicon Valley. We know what it is like to compete for workers here, from start-ups, to Fortune 25 companies.

We can help your organization define its objectives for your Employee Benefit Plans, help you gauge the competition, and decide on the best programs to meet your needs. By helping you organize and conduct training and enrollment meetings, you will increase employee satisfaction and retention.

We offer competitive, price effective benefit plans, as well as support for Personnel Policies, including resources, handbooks and more.  We provide assistance for Affordable Care Act requirements and payroll support.  We are more than just an experienced benefits broker, provide consulting and administration of retirement plans, we assist with the Affordable Care Act, Personnel Policies and Programs and payroll.

We have a unique perspective for a consulting firm. We have designed and managed programs for very small, and also very large organizations. With plenty of years spent as a "buyer" of these plans, we will help you pick the best cost effective vendors at the best value for you and your employees. We are not influenced by the commissions and incentives provided to consulting organizations.

Here at Art Young Insurance, we have:

• 20 years managing Fortune 25 benefits program, at that time “best in class.”

• 20 years Board of Directors experience of HMO plan-in depth health care knowledge

• Past President-Silicon Valley Health Underwriters-leadership

• Complete benefits and HR experience, can provide HR, payroll, and Cobra management

• Experience dealing with a number of startup companies, develop benefits strategy

• 100% HIPAA certified to the highest standards. Your information and is secure.

• Extensive history in small business creation and running one of the largest benefit programs in the area and over 30 years of experience designing competitive, innovative, cost effective programs in Silicon Valley.

• Awareness of the changing environment in health care financing and the possible changes to the Social Security and retirement systems.

• Experience in international benefit implementation and acquisitions.

Proudly serving businesses and individuals in the Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco and Alameda Counties.

Hi, i'm Art Young. We want to help you understand your company’s goals and objectives. In today’s ever-changing health benefit world, a basic presentation of rates and benefits is not enough. We understand the need to strategize the big picture with you: funding, contributions, and offerings, etc.

In essence, we become an integral extension of your staff: a strategic partner. We will guide you through the planning and implementation of the employee benefits package that is right for your company.

Our staff will be there with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves in exceptional service and product knowledge, so you can rely on us to answer all your insurance questions!


With Art Young, you can feel confident your are making the right decision!


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